Same event you know and love.

The Chuan-Pu Lee, Ph.D. Endowed Graduate Student Research Presentation Day (GSRPD) is an annual student-organized event that showcases graduate student research of Wayne State University. GSRPD aims to highlight the diverse spectrum of research from the various STEM fields at Wayne State and promote collaboration between researchers.

GSRDP 2020 was a "virtual success" and we will continue online in 2021.

To ensure safety of all involved, we have adapted to the new normal. GSRPD 2021-2022 is now a virtual conference to be conducted on the Zoom platform on Monday, January 24, 2022.

Please check back frequently for updated information for presenters, judges, and attendees. Email us with any questions at

Virtual Team Meeting


Protecting your intellectual property is our priority!

The virtual GSRPD may look different than previous years in some ways, but the concept and spirit of the event remain the same.  We encourage students to present their data, creativity, and ingenuity through their exciting research questions that make this such a worthwhile experience for presenters and attendees alike. 

To protect your work, we promise the event WILL NOT be recorded.  Just like the in-person event, your materials will only be seen for as long as you “have your poster up.”

The conference will only be open to invited WSU community, students, and faculty requiring a Zoom meeting ID and password.  Each of the various sessions will be limited to your fellow researchers across the university and only outside attendees that are invited by a presenter, much like asking a friend/family member to see your poster.

We want participation in this event to be intellectually safe and to benefit the presenters, allowing for networking, constructive criticism, and potential collaboration regardless of the format.


GSRPD Tech Support

Andrew Kulek and Maryam Safdar